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it really doesn't sound anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dot com. fresh attack on ukraine's the skills at least for this hour report of the shell shocked civilians trapped by the government's eastern on. a gaza scenes of destruction and terrified palestinians following a week of bombing but israel's prime minister with public backing only to intensify the offensive. and britain where your internet surfing and chatting is about to be stored up for a year as the government plots to rush through a resurrected snooping chart.
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and it's eleven pm here in moscow now and the news from ukraine again to start this the ukrainian army is reportedly carried a fresh artillery attack now in residential areas of lugansk in the east self defense activists say at least four civilians have been killed in this latest incident did you can see a plume of smoke that appeared earlier on in the sky from those buildings on monday this is a close up of that area several districts came under shelling it's thought that the rocket launch is to carry out the attacks now to this photo this was taken apparently near one of the shell buildings a woman seen lying on the ground there's a push chair with blood on next to hers well it's our know whether the woman and baby are alive or dead at this juncture. but over a million civilians are trapped in the middle of fighting between the army and the self-defense fighters the shelling the air raids the violence and laying waste to
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this cities their towns and their villages in the east of fashion and now joins an ambulance crew in lugansk. they actually don't need to turn on the siren ambulances are almost the only cars on the empty rows of lugansk and recent days have left emergency workers be easier than ever before. daniel is now going to finish our. private house for. residential areas. basic yeah. through a narrow street we enter with looks like a densely populated area locals say at least six shells landed here just minutes ago that circled the capital yeah whatever the body of the movie is going to doesn't like to work on this time it seems no one was killed after that but everyone is totally different that says goodbye it that's because you know what
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they're going to look at but also to the close of the world who do just go oh we're just well you know joseph ozment with helpless gold who told you look at the logo of the to do the people over with the will to do you need a really really truth religion is the removal of free because i'm sure the area of new people coming north. cravats houses to a. much needed break or a local told us they still could be unexploded mines here smokeless the new un is not so that you'll see. just the arsenal being more like a weasel so what album that much of the bomb didn't call for more than what we thought was aiming up ardelia spoken word was the me nobody showed one of these in which i did pull apart what was in many of them would people be doing. this i see them as you must also see the multitude of warehouses is still barren and no one
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knows whether anybody steer inside we find out that one man must take. in by another ambulance a little what i thought of it was that it was good music but is what it is the attitude in the city was at an advanced regional hospital we find the man has suffered multiple burns and miss our rooms but doctors say he will leave the ambulance received another call this time no siren the doctors say it's because they could be targeted we are on our way to the area of fighting it took us less than seven minutes to arrive at the scene but it was still too late this young fighter died seconds after doctors arrived we rushed to the next address another shell another destroyed home we hear that
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there woman was killed here but before we learn any further detail the air raid siren makes us run to a nearby basement. most of them have been abandoned for years but recently people have reopened them this is where we hear what happened. and while the conflict continues to rage scenes like these are becoming an every day reality. r.t. in eastern ukraine. self-defense forces meantime are confirmed they've shot down a military jet some of the crew members apparently were taken captive we've got more of that online at r.t. dot com. there's no rest for the people of gaza in israel's no week long anti-terrorist operation thousands of fled with
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a number of palestinians killed reaching one hundred seventy five most of them have been civilians and the u.n. says in fact thirty two of them are children it's calling the situation in the region devastating unpredictable harry fears in gaza for talking to some of the victims' relatives on the night after more than one hundred rockets were fired from gaza israel's air force targeted a home belonging to the al batch family the target was tice. the director general of gaza's police force who himself survived and remains in critical condition he was lucky to be among the forty two wounded and not the eighteen killed at gaza's main hospital was seventy year old name one of the surviving injured that he. didn't know what santa was. russia lost three of her children in the targeting and. when i know this is.
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when. the strikes took place at eleven pm mohammed lives just over the road from the batch family. was saying evening prayers at the mosque while they were crying they realized that the area was becoming more dangerous and left to continue their present home so when they got home the bombing started and israel has used a policy of issuing warnings in some cases before making its targeting warnings either via s.m.s. fire cools in some cases leaflets but often roof knocking that is issuing warning drone strikes on the roof of the building before targeting it however in this case there was no warning of any kind and residents are adamant that israel must have known that over fifty people were in this area when it struck the way that was
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perpetrated severely basic principles of international international is very clear on this there should be principles to be preserved probability discrimination and humanity and nothing of these prisoners had been respected by the israeli army i asked the government spokesperson whether the targeting was justified given that israel's at war with hamas and is known to target the police everybody knows that the police is a seven work and it's helping the people service for the people he wasn't actually since this conflict began last tuesday the health ministry counts eleven such incidents when family homes have been targeted with inhabitants and signed. israel's november two thousand and twelve operation did not see an israeli ground invasion it ended after eight days with a ceasefire but it did not fully eradicate the masses rocket capability now israel's pm says it is a must for israel to stop all rocket fire from gaza and that they don't know how
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long the campaign will continue given the daily loss felt by palestinian civilians here people fear how this conflict will evolve harry fear r.t. . a spokesman for oxfam international told me that the humanitarian situation in the region is deteriorating rapidly and even those who are helping out on the ground are coming under threat. medical supplies are in very short shorts talk to hospitals really struggling to. get the medicine that they need. is in very very short supply and has been in gaza for for many months now which means that the generators that are needed to keep not only hospitals but also water systems and sewage pumps for example working a running almost on empty. a lot of water infrastructure has been very badly damaged so people are only getting about how the water that they were before the
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present conflict a lot of homes have been badly damaged in the bombing but people still. feel safer there than they do out in the streets or out in the open. many of them unless it's for real sort of lifesaving emergency cases quite reluctant to go to health clinics or or to go to hospital for treatment they work with mobile clinics which provide health care to some of the more the poorest and remote communities in gaza and they've had to stop their work because a lot of these neighborhoods are just too dangerous to be driving around and several ambulances for example have been hit by asteroids it is very dangerous for staff and our partners that at the moment well for its part on the other side israel says nearly a thousand rockets have been fired by how must since the offensive began a week ago this video shows palestinian. town of eve israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he's ready to use all means necessary to stop the militants the country's also stepping up preparations for
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a possible ground invasion to fall asleep from that will people in tel aviv think of the effect. most israelis supporting the military strikes of a gaza seeing it as a legitimate response to defend the country's borders but at the same time people here are afraid i'm dumb anti missile defense system into states around ninety percent of rockets it's that ten percent that remains that has seen some never misses. who could accept to receive myside like this without doing a thing it's not possible i think very sad really very sad that i think that israelis don't need this kind of lives and we just care about their withing. i just i don't know how to feel about it israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has certainly scored political points with this military offensive even the opposition inside his unity government supports the military strikes although they are calling for a diplomatic solution there is of course
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a radical voice inside israeli society who now wants to see all gazans killed they will be the ones at the forefront of calling for a ground offensive i hope so that now they're going to fire them before and instead about entering gaza strip i being that they should do something really radical because they thing that is the they giving them like too much time like they have in the old time to send more. but most israelis make the distinction between hamas that rules gaza and the ordinary civilians who live there. i think there also needs to be an opening or some kind of hope for the palestinian residents when all of this is over because if at the end we're back to square one it means we didn't do much meanwhile israel's aerial strikes continue and people here live in fear of the next rocket fire policy on t.v. tel aviv. israel's offensive has caused public outrage across the globe with mass rallies held in the u.k. australia and france for the most part the protests were peaceful but
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a pro palestinian demonstration in paris to prototype to show the goal roughing around a hundred people inside the forces from both sides of the border post in live updates on twitter for you harry fear putting up pictures from gaza while. israel is helping its citizens living in the border area. kevin. stay with the. next fifteen minutes or so as we head to brazil where cup fever stepping aside from big business with the brics countries. street is never really dead as long as it's with us the start of the first world war one hundred years ago is a case in point and numerous ways the beginning of that conflict shapes our world today.
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we can with. the consent to. choose to. choose the stories to. choose the access to. economic down in the final. deal and the rest. will be every week.
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before in britain and probably you better watch what you post on the internet is a little but to go into the intelligence archives is done to a new emergency lol being pushed through by the government to allow security agencies to store users data for a year has got the story. the u.k. prime minister says britain me these emergency laws that force telecommunications companies to hold wreck or words of customers data because back in april the european court of justice scrapped an existing law that already forced companies to do just that on the grounds that it infringed human rights so the british government wants to rush through its own law david cameron says that telecoms firms are just weeks away from deleting customer information ministers say that would have serious consequences for police and counter terror operations sometimes in the dangerous world in which we live we need our security services to listen to someone
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read the e-mails to identify and disrupt a terrorist plot as prime minister i know of examples we're doing this stopped a terrorist attack according to the law mobile phone providers will have to store data on who contacted who under way for twelve months so that means your messages websites you visited and even the places you've been to with their recorded on geo location apps like facebook well or we were to take anyone who's followed to the snowden revelations even briefly we know that we already have huge cars of massive violence here in the united kingdom and we have a program called mastering the internet inside but in fact this is not protected us people have still become radical radicalized we know that these powers are disproportionate it's targeting all of sit turns all of us from citizens into suspects the law is being rushed through parliament and could be
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a. result but perhaps one small consolation for its opponents the regulations will automatically expire in twenty sixteen which means politicians will have to re-examine the measures all over again in two years time party boyko r.t. london. and i say will supply edward snowden seriously does the need for such an emergency law. to be published in britain's guardian newspaper snowden says he's worried about the black public debate he owned a huge issue that said to touch every citizen in the meantime the editor of politics don't code it u.k. believes leaders want to speed up approval of the law to fast track through parliament you do of course want to be protected from terrorists and extremists at the same time you also need some protection from your own state from your own government and or third tarion governments which exist of course across the west as they do across asia and many other regions will tend to go to the absolute limits of their powers in tracking their citizens and but what we've really seen from the
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last few years is that whatever nor you put down to monitor the amount that you are surveyed by your own government they will go up to the absolute minutes of what that door announce so yes we need protection absolutely from terrorists and some aspects of this legislation would provide that but we also deserve some protection from our own governments and from their insatiable desire to snoop on our own private activities this suggestion that there's some enormous and see that they're about to get cut off from all of this information that peter paulison terrorists will run free doesn't really stand up to scrutiny the understanding along and among a lot of campaigns is actually this is being forced through very quickly virus secret deal done behind closed doors between the three party leaders in order to just get it down get it on the statute book with a minimum of scrutiny and with a minimum of parliamentary debate. put aside all that something else we're following up on line britain's intelligence service is already being accused of being on the wrong side of the law it's found itself in the dock accused of illegal
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snooping activities details of that on a website we can also learn too about tougher rules for the u.k. scoffs seems offices are being encouraged to snitch on each other if they break the new code rate then about the do's and don'ts owned by completely different what's this sudden blog all hail law a freaky blast of wintry weather leads siberians to visit what is a cover as if the machine gun like a painful scramble azzi dot com for more of that. right see. first street. and i think that you're. on a recorder's twitter. instagram. the
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presidents of russia brazil of matter head of the bric summit but in a putin until the rousseff were present to some of the had two countries largest corporations signed agreements to deepen the economic ties between the two is artie's pull scope. brazilian russian cooperation is expected to be strengthened during president putin's latin america tour but why is brazil such an important strategic ally for russia well brazil is latin america's largest economy it's twice the size of second placed mexico trade between the two countries last year reached five and a half billion u.s. dollars and they are hoping that that figure is soon doubled brazil and russia also have similar stances on n.s.a. surveillance following edward snowden's revelations brazilian president dilma rousseff has proposed setting up a brazilian internet which will protect latin american countries from the u.s. new ping from here in rio president putin flies to force
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a laser in the north of the country for the annual brics summit said the brics summit of the five nations us brazil russia india china and south africa during that summit a nother round of talks is expected on the possibility of a brics development bank worth one hundred billion u.s. dollars which is going to be seen as an alternative to the international monetary fund so it's clear that is plenty to discuss for the brazilian and russian leaders so i picked up a discussion with best to jim rogers whose goal decades of global business experience he told me that the brics members are capable of challenging the united states financial dominance the main thing was ill wants from russia and russia wants the same they would like to form thumb system to compete with the world bank and the i.m.f. and the us dollar because brazil would like to dominate the western hemisphere for a couple of hundred years they thought them should wishful thinking or how many times. as long as india is involved it probably won't happen any time soon or
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brazil and china and russia could certainly could certainly easily put together something to compete with the dollar united states dollar karen is a terribly flawed currency and you know where correct to say it but we have serious problems with the world has serious problems and we need something else and maybe maybe russia china and brazil can put together a competing currency jim rogers with a bit earlier on well we're looking towards latin america to come to get one team's wins and the teams are great for argentinian fans left despondent but a feat in last night's world cup final but parliament trashing what is areas of these pages this is how the argentinean capital looked after the final whistle smashed windows wrecked cars dozens of people injured a mass arrests riot police deployed water cannons tear gas to try to disperse crowds angry and upset fans different picture here though the germans got fired in a different way as you might expect here there in berlin after what was
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a mesmerizing week of football for them culminating course in the team becoming world champions offer extremely tight with an extra time over. but. while germany celebrates his footballing success it's been the ad men apparently are the real winners i had a social media arrive across he explains how big brands also scored goals at the world cup to a facebook record eighty eight million people two hundred eighty eight million interactions and germany won but so did silicon valley social media has put the ball firmly at the u.s. adman's feet and here's how luis suarez inspired one of the key is that team usa now ranks with monday night football for u.s. eyeballs this has allowed social media platforms to kick on in brazil here's what the final looked like on twitter thirty two million tweets posted during the game six hundred twenty thousand tweets per minute through extra time. facebook maps you to as you turn coats and change sides argentina went from facebook found faves to
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also rans as brazilians reeled from their semifinal shambles and what a shambles it was after all the big beats by dre big brand backing brazil were exposed and twitter exploded thirty five point six million tweets makes it the most tweeted sports event ever not that anyone in brazil enjoyed it. sixty six million people in two hundred million facebook interactions on that game alone and brazil counts for one quarter of that and then there's the damage the silicon admin just count on c well aryan robin inspired on the field k l m scored an own goal off it accused of racism in the celebrate every tweet so were there just too many soccer selfies angela merkel posing with the german team is one thing but when winners bring the wags well the runners up are recovering is it more about the social than the soccer the fairytale not the football make up your own mind and check out why brazil may have been the best world cup ever on r.t.
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dot com good player or sick of some world news now in brief car bomb explosions in mainly shiite neighborhoods in baghdad it killed at least seven people the deadliest attack struck in the so-called green zone where many government offices and foreign embassies located it is therefore the largest attack on the capital in recent weeks as a rock village is deeper in the chaos following the deadly is in the midst uprighted. off the coast of italy here one of the largest salvage operations ever recovery teams have now managed to refloat the costa concordia cruise liner it sank off the italian island of giglio in twenty twelve killing then thirty two people the vessel which to give you an idea of its size is twice the size of the titanic huge thing will be towed to its home port of juneau at the scrapping the ship's captain is on trial right now for manslaughter and for about the big ship which he denies. rocket attacks in egypt's sinai peninsula of killed a soldier and seven civilians the first missile landed there a supermarket while two others struck
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a security compound of twenty people were injured there rebel groups operating in sinai have been targeting egypt's security forces since the overthrow of mohamed morsi last year q abreast of all our news twenty four seventh's r.t. dot com exactly twenty six minutes past eleven in the evening here in moscow thanks for your company the next live update just over half an hour after the break though here how lessons of the first world war might help us understand current. global conflicts down by the cross told the special program food here in britain was going underground without. if there's anything we're afraid of in the modern western world isn't al qaeda or aids or something like that it's words just words especially on the internet morning radio shock jock and the cumia from the opie and anthony show has been fired for a massive twitter rant that he made against
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a woman who believed that the radio host was taking mocking photographs of her and got aggressive with him who may claim to just be taking pictures of time square now normally what you do outside of work shouldn't matter but with public personalities i can see how people want them to have good behavior all the time but the problem is that guys like him are put on the airwaves to have bad behavior what does the sirius x.m. company expect from people they put on air to be wild and raunchy this is typical corporate boardroom mentality well we want morning gigi's to be really crazy and shocking but not too crazy and shocking hey i don't have a horse in this race i actually think the opie and anthony show is pretty dismal but when i see someone getting fired for wacky shock jock stuff that is in a way kind of part of his job well just seems very hypocritical to me but that's just my opinion.
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to speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the i p interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying.
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to find out more visit our big teeth. hello and welcome across all things are considered on peter lavelle history is never really dead as long as it's with us the start of the first world war one hundred years ago is a case in point in numerous ways the beginning and conclusion of that conflict shapes our world today.


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